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Welcome to London Lorry Control Welcome to London Lorry Control

LLC is a freight mapping service, set up to help hauliers that need to drive HGV 18 ton + into London.

Operators need to comply with the London Lorry Control Scheme’s (LLCS). We can provide bespoke maps and live information you need to manage and to be automatically compliant in London.

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We have joined forces with London Councils to provide detailed and up-to-date information for truck drivers, hauliers, logistics and transport managers.  We provide all the street navigation information to safely drive within London and enable you to get automatic compliants routes into and across London.     

The freight mapping solutions are to help you plan and get approval of LLCS compliant routes: 

  • London Lorry Control Scheme Overview Map: Get a free print out overview of London and the scheme. Click here for your copy.
  • London Lorry Control Driver’s Guides & Wall Maps: For drivers and operators who prefer a more traditional approach to staying compliant, we also produce printed maps for drivers as well as a Wall Map covering the whole Scheme. Find out more. 

Times of Restriction

  • Monday - Friday: 9pm - 7am (including 9pm Friday night to 7am Saturday morning)
  • Saturday: 1pm - 7am Monday morning
  • Sunday: (all day)
  • Bank holidays: treated as a normal weekday


About the Scheme About the Scheme

The Lorry Control Scheme takes the form of controls on the movement of any heavy goods vehicles over 18 tonnes maximum gross weight at night and at weekends. Often referred to as the Lorry Ban. Restrictions are in place on the use of heavy goods vehicles to help minimise noise pollution in residential areas during unsocial hours through restricted use of these more.

About the Scheme About the Scheme

Phone Customer Services: 0844 847 0876

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London Councils: 020 7934 9915

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