If you want to advertise on the 2014 London Lorry Control Wall Map or Guide, take a look at our Mediapack  for rates and specifications.

Reasons to advertise:
New updated data ensures that hauliers follow correct routes

Produced on behalf of the London Councils using data from the councils and PIE Mapping

Complies with the new London Lorry Control Scheme changes for 2014

Contains a wealth of other information: London rules for loading/unloading, postcode map, London Borough suspension and dispensation table

Used day to day by Transport Managers and drivers

The typical life cycle for these products is five years, providing long exposure to your brand

Both the London Lorry Control Wall Map and Drivers Guide are distributed directly to hauliers as well as via London Councils. The drivers guide will be available from online bookstores, capturing international operators, as well as retail bookshops and petrol stations across the UK.

Download the media pack here.