Why PIE?

System reliability: Our core mapping platform is built on stable OST (Open Source Technology) software, which allows us to continually enhance capability and explore new solutions for our clients.

Cost-effective, scalable solutions:
 With PIE, you can pick and choose only the functionality which you need. Basic functions such as map tools and a help button are included in the core product platform, while bolt-on modules (such as ‘Find nearest’, Content management, Translation, Search facility, Routing and Mobile) are only available as and when you need them. So you can access a highly affordable entry level solution now and scale up only when the time is right. 

Tried and trusted technology:
 PIE mapping solutions are trusted by some of Britain’s best known brands including Yell, Lords Cricket Ground, Earls Court and, Olympia and are to be found at the root of core public information websites such as www.direct.gov.uk’s Blue Badge map, www.myjourney.org.uk, and the SOLT Directory (an interactive mapping service and show listing for the Society of London Theatre).



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