PIE Mapping; helping lorry drivers navigate the city to create a safer environment for cyclists

Left turn cyclist and hgv

After the three unfortunate incidents (in Walthamstow, Walton and Camberwell Green) involving large vehicles and cyclists in London this week alone, the question must be asked: Should the CLOCS Standards be made into binding legislation for hauliers and construction firms, not just in the capital, but the whole country?

The CLOCS Standards, or the Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety Standards, for those who haven’t come across them before, are a series of directives aimed at ensuring the haulage and construction industries are held responsible for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians during the entire route a HGV takes from its start point to its destination at any given construction site in the capital.

Here at PIE Mapping we’re currently in the development phase of a piece of software, alongside the Canary Wharf Group –for the first CLOCS Compliant Routing Service (CCRS) – which will allow hauliers to map routes through the capital avoiding left turns where possible. Thus removing the possibility of Lorries finding themselves in situations involving danger to cyclists who are coming up to a turn via their blind-spot on the inside.

The service will impose time based restrictions; initially for the morning rush hour peak - Monday to Friday and for any special occasions. For HGV journeys the software will guide and navigate drivers differently based on time.

As part of the development of this software PIE Mapping are looking to work with Construction firms, hauliers and drivers, and cycling groups to create a mutually workable solution. 

The service itself will comprise of real time routing software, displayed via a PDA or other handheld device – think of it as Google Maps for trucks – with the addition of PIE Mapping’s CCRS routing profile technology for lorry drivers, logistics and freight companies to select when driving through London. The software enables users to follow an easy route that takes into consideration left turn lanes and bicycle traffic when planning and subsequently travelling their routes.

The Service includes:                                                                                

  • CLOCS compliant routing service
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Time and date based changes to restrictions for HGVs

Freddie Talberg, CEO of PIE Mapping says: “We don’t want ridiculously long journeys, or missed ETA’s – trucks and deliveries are an undeniable necessity for our city. We know drivers don’t want to be driving amongst cycling commuters and I hope our service goes part of the way to give safer routing.

We need industry involvement to fully enable us to make our city Smart. We have the technology and we need to work it so it can work effectively for all.

If any interested party wants to get involved in these pilot trials please contact us directly.