Cognicity Challenge moves to next phase

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PIE’s involvement with the Canary Wharf Group’s ‘Cognicity Challenge’, to create smarter cities has come to a close. The Cognicity Challenge was launched by Canary Wharf Group to find technology for tomorrow’s sustainable cities. Thirty-six high-tech start-up companies were selected for the initiative and PIE were chosen as one of the finalists within the competition’s integrated transport category.

Although PIE did not win the competition, they were given a highly honourable mention, with the CWG executives expressing their desire to continue engagement, in what looks to be a bright future for PIE Mapping.

Eric Van der Kleij, Head of Level39 and Managing Director of specialist innovation practise ENTIQ, who delivered the Cognicity Challenge for Canary Wharf Group, added: “I have never seen such a close competition. The calibre of all the participants and our winners, Polysolar and Voyage Control, is testament to the high level of talent amongst those working on innovative technologies in the smart city sector. By harnessing innovation and pushing for interoperability, the Cognicity Challenge is helping to transform Canary Wharf into a truly integrated and convenient smart city that is more functional, sustainable and ultimately a better environment to live, work and do business.”

Freddie, CEO of PIE Mapping, says, “We’re really pleased to have been given the opportunity to work with Canary Wharf Group, who are showing their support to entrepreneurs and technology to create smarter and more sustainable cities for our future. The Cognicity Challenge has highlighted the need for smarter and more aware cities and we hope our smart road routing platform for freight vehicles can continue to be a part of that.”

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