How long does it take to get an approved route?

With the London Lorry Route Approver, approvals are issued seconds after you submit your route. Planning your route is really fast and because your vehicle details are stored on your account, all you need to do is enter the delivery locations to generate a compliant route.


Does it take into account low bridges and narrow roads for larger vehicles?

Yes. All of the vehicles you choose to put on the system will have their height, width, length and weight entered in with them, so we'll never send you under low bridges or down narrow roads that you can't use.


What if I have an emergency call out? Don't the council require routes in advance?

Our site is accessible 24/7 which means that anytime day or night you can use an approved route and avoid receiving a PCN. Once your London Lorry Route Approver route is approved you can use is straight away, there’s no need for any further confirmation from London Councils.


What happens if I need to change a route at short notice?

Changing a route is really simple, you'll be able to see all your submitted routes and with a click of a button you’ll be able to add, remove or change delivery locations ready for re-submission and approval.


I don't have time to enter in all these routes myself, can I let my drivers log-in?

Absolutely, any number of drivers can log-on and plan routes for your registered vehicles. We designed the site to be really straightforward and user-friendly, so there is no need for specialist training.


What happens if one of my vehicles breaks down and gets replaced by a hire vehicle?

Our customer service team will be on-hand to make any changes to your registered vehicles that you require.


Will your planner send me on roundabout routes that will waste time and money?

The London Lorry Route Approver will always take you on the shortest, most efficient route that you can legally take with your vehicle, once it’s taken into account the London Lorry Control Scheme and height, weight and width restrictions. So in fact our service saves you money.


What happens when a road is closed for road works or events?

We keep the planner up-to-date with the latest road works, closures and other disruptions. If it knows about a road closure it will divert you to the next shortest route. In addition, if any of your regular routes are affected by road closures we will send you a notification, so you'll never be caught out.


Will it work on my computer?

As long as your computer is connected to the internet you'll be able to use this service.


Are there any additional charges for using this service?

There are NO additional charges, regardless of how often you plan routes. Once you're signed up you will have a whole year of unlimited routing.


Can I have a closer look at the London Lorry Route Approver before signing up?

Of course, give our sales team a call on 02079520450 for a free online demo where we'll talk you through all the features of the service and even try it out on some of the deliveries leaving your depot.


How do I sign up?

Click here to go to our sign-up form. We'll need a few pieces of information about your company (Name, address, contact number etc.) and also your Goods Vehicle Operators License Number (or OK number).


You can pay by credit/debit card online or over the phone or you can give us a call 02079520450 to be invoiced.


Or if you'd prefer to sign-up over the phone, that’s not a problem, the whole process only takes a few minutes.